Writing Articles for Cash

Writing article for money can be a very lucrative opportunity for people who do not want to run their own websites, deal with affiliate marketing, or worry about delivering products to customers.   There is literally a ton of webmasters searching high and low for good quality article writers.  Heck I’m one of them.

Alot of article writers currently on the market use english as a second language so their articles tend to not be as readable as someone who reads and writes in english as a primary language.  So if you can do that, you are already ahead of the game and can easily bump your status above atleast half of the writers out there right now.

My entries on this website might not be what to base your article writing off of.  I don’t spell check, I don’t double check for correct grammar or punctuation.  This is my personal site that I share my knowledge on.  So when you begin writing articles you must do all that I do not.  🙂

To get your foot in the door is rather simple.  You need to find a hot market and write about 6-12 articles pertaining to different aspects of the market.  An always popular choice is Parenting, and New Parents.  Let’s face it this market isn’t going anywhere ever it will always be hot as people have kids everyday and want answers to their questions now and want those answers without having to call their parents to get them.

Once you’ve written your articles you have quite a few choices on what to do with them.  You can immediately post them for sale as PLR articles (Private Label Rights).  You can also post them on article sites hoping to bank some cash off of them from visitor views.

One site you can post them on is – AssociatedContent.Com (and yes that is my referral link, though I don’t think they actually have a referral program, just an invite system for friends and you are, of course, my friend)

AssociatedContent.Com, allows you to write articles to be posted onto their site.  You can sign over exclusivity to them and be paid upfront for your article as well as $1.50 per 1,000 Pageviews or keep it non-exclusive and simply be paid $1.50 per 1,000 Pageviews but also be able to list the content elsewhere.

Keep in mind, that for the most part you can make more money selling your articles to hungry webmasters than you can on AssociatedContent but if you prefer to just push out article after article and not have to worry about accepting payments, or waiting for payments than AssociatedContent could be the way for you to go as you can post an unlimited number of articles on any topic that you’d like.

They also have their own resource box when you log in that lists articles they are looking for and will pay you right now for varying on subject to subject.  Though make sure you read exactly how they want the article or they won’t pay you.

Now, if you choose to go the other route and sell your articles to other webmasters you have to go out and search for webmaster forums, there are a bunch out there some popular ones at Warrior Forum DigitalPoint, and Namepros.  All full of webmasters looking for content and too lazy to do it themselves so they will buy it from you in a heartbeat if they have a project dedicated to that market.

You can also search around for Freelance websites, as webmasters post what they need and then you bid on the project.  Most use escrow so you know the payment is waiting for you once the job is completed.

If selling articles on your own on a forum, be sure to list the number of words and post a sample article that is NOT included in the package.  Something off topic to what you are selling so they can see your writing style and decide if it meets their criteria which again is simply that you can write in english and portray a message correctly without spelling or grammar mistakes.

It is always a good idea to have someone read your article outloud to themselves and then give you feedback on it before you try to sell these to other people.  A couple of mistakes that you miss as you skim through your article could be costing you money and you might not know why.

Also when selling your articles, if you are only going to sell these to one person be sure to state that and charge accordingly.  If you plan to sell to multiple people, limit that number to 5, 7, or 10.  You’ll get less per package sold but more overall when they sell out.  Also limiting the number of packages to be sold increases your pricing and makes it so the market isn’t saturated with the same article over and over.  Webmasters hate that as they get slapped with a duplicate content penalty from the major search engines.  Though more on that in a later article I’m sure.

Hope this helps you get started in the article world.


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