Why is it called Bum Marketing?

If you’ve been around internet marketing for any period of time over 2 weeks you have most likely heard the phrase ‘Bum Marketing’ which usually heavily relies on article writing and submission.

It’s called Bum Marketing because it costs you nothing but time.  While time is money, no out of pocket expense occurs.  However Bum Marketing does not work for everyone and most users of this method quickly find out that it may not be for them.

In order for Bum Marketing to work for you, you need to be patient and committed to the process.  It can take days, or weeks for Google to find your article and then even longer for it to be ranked properly, efficiently and to have visitors respond to it by clicking back to your website or through to your chosen advertisement.

You also need to slow down.  In my previous entries I’ve told you to grab 6-12 articles on a particular market and either submit them, sell them, or base an entire website around them and move on to the next project before coming back to that one.

With Bum Marketing, if you plan on spending absolutely no out of pocket money on advertising, links, etc.  I suggest taking your time with each project.  Not to say you couldn’t have more than one project at a time, but make equal time for each project so that you can get the most out of your bum marketing.

As with everything we discuss here at Online-Jobs.Org, there are 2700 different ways of doing things.  Bum Marketing is no different.  You can build a 1 page review website of a product you are an affiliate for and wait for Google to pick it up, submit it to Onlywire, and post it as a signature in your related forums that you are most certainly participating in like we’ve discussed in the past or you can write 25 articles based on a certain topic build a wordpress blog about it, have the posts automatically update as you see fit and place products throughout the site that relate to the articles you’ve posted.

You can also dump both of those methods and simply write articles, sell them or submit them like we’ve also discussed previously. I know I know I hate to go over things as well, but if you haven’t already check out some of my older posts there is atleast one tiny nugget of useful information in each, I swear.

So I know that none of us have ever planned on being a bum, what if it could lead to a better life with more financial freedom.  Would you be a bum for a little while if you knew it could possibly lead to better days for your life?  I know I would be.  I know I have been and while I may not be rich I’m better than I’ve been in the past.



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