Want a real online job?

Be careful what you wish for.

There’s a few things to ponder as you search the internet endlessly for an ‘online job’.  The most important is do you want an online job?  OR do you want to work on the internet?

These two questions seem essentially the same but are completely different.

Listen if you want a online job, feel free to get out there and get it.  You can hook up with ChaCha right now and help to expedite questions for their text messaging service and easily work 40-50 hours a week from your home and make actual real money right now.   Simply get approved by taking a quick test and you are well on your way to having an online job which I’m sure most people have told you is impossible.  But buyer beware, you will quickly be working your tail off to make an income.  Work is work,  nothing is easy in the world of having an online job and overall tends to be tougher, lower paying, yet you set your own hours and have no repercussions if you don’t show up.

Though if you want to work on the internet you have a whole different aspect of what you’d like to do.  “Own your own business” as they call it.  Simply put, become a webmaster.  Run a website, sell a service, open an online store.  What have you.  You’re goal here is to having something profitable for you that you can eventually run on auto pilot.  Auto pilot is something I’m going to dive into more in future articles.   But for right now really sit here and ponder, do you want an online job or do you want to work on the internet?   Your answer decides your future here.

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