Time to decide is now

This is the moment. Why are you going to keep wondering what it is you want to do but keep putting it off because it might not work? You have a new idea? You’re scared?

I’m not here to sell you anything. I don’t have a new fancy program, mailing list, or shortcut to financial freedom.

What I do have is experience and some tough love for you and even for me.

I’m not perfect. I’ve delayed, delayed, delayed until I watched multiple ships sail right past me and I’ve been stuck on the shoreline with my head down in regret.

The time to decide is now.

Break out a pen and paper. I know in this digital world that sounds a little strange but do it!

Write down what you want. All of it. Regardless of how crazy it seems. New house? New car? Money to fix your house, your car, your teeth, etc. Whatever it is. Write it down.

That’s your why. Those are all your reasons for starting something new.

Now, make a separate list and let’s compile the how. How are you going to get what you need to satisfy everything on the previous list?

You don’t need to know the exact hows but write down what you know. “I’m going to start a blog.” “I’m going to make an eBay account.” “I’m going to join multiple sites and do surveys”. Whatever it is jot it down.

The final list is easy. It is the “when” list. You have your reasons for wanting to try something new. You have your how list for how you’re going to start working towards it and at this moment you get your when list started. This is the easiest one. Is it next weekend? Is it tomorrow? Next month once the kids are back in school?


On your when list at the top right “When?”

Fill the entire page with “NOW”.

Look at it. Stare at it. Scream it! You are starting now!

Open a new tab, new window, new browser. Whatever it is. Start. Now.

Need to sell on eBay? Go open an account or start your first auction. Get approved to sell on Amazon. Joining a survey site? Go make the account. Starting a new blog? Go pick out your favorite theme for it or start your first post.

No more delays. No more getting distracted by B.S. internet entrepreneurs trying to hype their latest “package”.

Start your journey today with me and let’s change our lives together!

Leave comments, show your progress.

The time to decide was 5 minutes ago.

The time to do is right now.

Let’s do this!!

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