The Myspace Debacle

In your travels you may come across some eBooks / Courses designed to help you ‘Cash in on Myspace’ and nothing at all could be any further from the truth than the idea of making money on myspace, through advertising to people from one account to another.

Was there a day when this was all possible and people laughed all the way to the bank because of spamming Myspace?  YES!  There was and what a glorious time it was I’m sure for all the marketers that attacked Myspace and made an absolute fortune because of it.

Nowadays however, Myspace will find you spamming, instantly shut down your account(s) and if you make a habit out of doing it they will send their lawyers down to your place of business and serve you notice of intent to file a lawsuit against you.

Sounds like a great idea to spend $7-$37 on a book setting you straight into a lawsuit doesn’t it?

Not to mention at every turn, any correspondance between members has a button that says “Spam” or “Report”, in every email, bulletin or friend request.  Myspace users have been fed up with constant spamming of free iphones, giftcards, or even drugs.  They make no qualms about hitting a spam button and having you shut down and out of business in no time.

But wait…I can hear you saying ‘Isn’t there any way to make money from Myspace?’.

Yes, there is.

Huh what?

This is called Myspace Resource Sites.  It is for a more advanced webmaster, ok well maybe not advanced but atleast intermediate.

You may have heard of sites such as,, Wzrm.Com, etc. etc. and etc. as there are literally thousands upon thousands of resource sites out there.

I’ll admit, the market is entirely saturated with competition that have aged domains, high pagerank and backlinks to the sky.

So am I honestly suggesting you jump into a pond with so many fish most can’t even move?  Actually, yes.

Here’s the thing, Myspace Resource Sites have 3 main ingredients Layouts which allow users to change the look of their profile, Glitter images which users post as comments to other users, and Widgets that run in Flash for a unique user experience.

All 3 of those things have backlinks pointing to your site.  Yes, so User 1 grabs a layout and uses it as it describes their personality, favorite color, or favorite celebrity.  User 2 sees that layout, likes it, and goes back to your website to find something similar or even entirely different to use and the process goes viral in minutes, hours, day, weeks, months, etc. etc. and you can get thousands of users to your site in no time because of user curiosity.

Even more so, users have a tendancy to find one cool Glitter image and post it to most of their friends.  Say you have a glitter that says Merry Christmas that they like.  They will go to each and every friends myspace page and post that same image over and over and over which of course links to your website, has a link underdeath it, and your web address written across the image itself.  Free promotion at its absolute finest.

Plus you can target a boatload of different social networks such as Facebook, Friendster, etc.

So how is it you get started in such a crazy market.  Well first things first, you need a domain name and luckily for you the name does not matter.  Of course don’t take a name like “best-health-care-products.zz” and turn it into a Resource site but since the market is saturated something as great as MyspaceLayouts.Anything is going to be taken.  But something cool, original, and short will do just as good as any other domain since your links will be embedded in everything you do.

Second is to find a CMS, content management system, that caters to this industry.  One that does this insanely well is over at EDIScripts.Com its currently priced at $127 but what I believe is a glitch in their system is showing at $97 if you click Buy now.  Don’t tell them that though lol.  They also give you 150+ layouts and 2,200+ glitter images to start you off.

There are less expensive scripts but I haven’t found one that gives so many back end options as that one.  Though if price is an issue you can check out – which offers a skeleton CMS for only $50 but it really is a barebones system and will most likely need to be added on to if you plan on competing against current websites and also comes with no layouts or graphics.

After you choose your CMS, get that set up and running with enough content to satisfy a user browsing around now its time to start your one time Bum Marketing method on Myspace.

Most people have a Myspace account already.  If you do, perfect, simply go to your own website find a layout and use it on your Myspace profile.  Now your friends will see that you updated your profile information and go check it out.  Here we go again, they like your profile and go to your website to see if they like anything.

Step 2 is finding a glitter or image you like from your website and going through your friends and leaving it as a comment on their profile.  They know you already, so its not spam and ta-da they like that image so they click to your website BUT now their friends see that comment and they like it so now they click to your website and they find an image they like and now they use and so on and so forth down the line.

You can easily have hundreds if not thousands of users per day to your website in just a little bit of time and best of all, if the users don’t find anything they like they’re already searching so they may just click an ad to take them to another site that may have something they do like, finally giving you what you wanted to begin with.  Income.



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