Selecting your perfect niche Part 1

One of the first steps you have to take in order to proceed taking a serious dive into working for yourself is selecting your perfect niche.  Alot of internet webmasters, entreprenuers, sales people or whatever they would like to be called this week get cold shivers just thinking about a niche to choose to dominate.

When in all reality it can be one of the simlpest forms of income they could establish especially if they are or can be passionate about the subject.

What you must do is find something your passionate about.  Whether it be baby clothes, how to get the best deal on a car or cell phone, hunting for the best deals, hiking, biking, outdoors, global warming, etc.  Whatever it is you must go after it.

If you’re passionate about the subject odds are other people are too and they want more information.  They want to hear from someone who likes the same things they do and you will build instant rapport with your visitors if you know your stuff or can find someone who knows their stuff (more on this part later).

Writing articles pertaining to your selected passion or ‘niche’ as we in the industry call it.  Is the number one step to creating wealth on the internet.  Just write about your experiences in the niche.  Tell the whole world about it.  If its a casual subject such as outdoor hiking, write your articles as if you’re talking to a friend at your local pub or bar.  Don’t act as if you are the end all be all dominating force when it comes to hiking.  Tell your story as you would tell it to your friends and you will begin gaining fans in the industry.

Write a good 5-6 articles 300-400+ words each and have them put aside for right now.

There are a few next steps that aren’t exactly interchangable but need to be done pretty much at the same time so take your pick as to which you would like to do and in what order.

  • Open your own Blog.

You can get one for free from Blogspot which is owned by Google and has a very easy interface to get you started .

  • Join forums / message boards on the internet relating to your niche.

A simple search through Google will most likely yield numerous results.  Of course choose the most popular ones, but I must note that even smaller forums are worth joining and sometimes can be much more productive towards your goal.

  • Find products to promote.

You can find digital products for your visitors to purchase from: ClickBank or PayDotCom .  You can also find ‘real world’ products at CJ.Com amongst many other companies.

Now you’ve done the ‘easy parts’.

You’re next step is setting up your Blogger Blog.  I’ve put together a quick video on this below:

The video is pretty basic, but you get the idea.

Stay tuned for part 2 in the next coming days.


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