No Overnight Success Story

If you happened to stumble across Online-Jobs.Org than you’ve most likely heard a ton of so-called ‘Overnight Success’ stories on the internet.  The ‘I made $6,000 in 60 minutes’ or ‘I’m a millionaire in 2 weeks’ and I’m sure heaps of other garbage stories.

I’ll be completely honest with you.  There is no overnight success story on the internet.  None.  Zero. Nada.  Simple as that. 

Have I had a website here or there that within 24 hours was making hundreds or thousands of dollars?  Yes, absolutely I have.  Quite a few over the years actually.  So wouldn’t those be considered overnight success stories?  hmm.  No.  And here’s why.

I research every thing I do on the internet.  I actually research so much that it may actually hurt my chances of success because I may be losing time to capitalize on a specific niche before someone else jumps in line.  So, yes, the websites made me hundreds or thousands of dollars in profit overnight but I probably spent 40 hours doing constant research on the market and another 15-20 working on the design and content and another 6 planning my promotion techniques, another 6 researching my promotion techniques and another 6 implementing my promotion techniques.  That’s 78 hours before the site is really even up yet.  Then would come in my ‘second guessing’ in which I suddenly hate the design, decide its an unprofitable market, and debate scrapping the idea because I don’t have alot of capital to start with.

Yes, the greatest enemy to online success is yourself and possibly your spouse but mainly yourself.

The main thing I wanted to get across to you, is that yes websites and ideas can make you money right now, TODAY!  But most likely you’re going to be thinking about the idea, the planning, the designing, and promotion for much longer than 24 hours and sometimes, as shown above, almost 2 full work weeks before giving it the go ahead.  Even then it might make money for a week or two but you need to fully plan ahead for the long haul and see if you can sustain the income.

So if someone claims to have made $6,000 in 1 hour, ask them how much they make every hour.  Ask them when that hour was and why can’t they repeat it each and every hour that passes.  Because they can’t.  They most likely had a marketing blitz, had a ton of super-affiliates promote the product, do a pre-launch countdown and a ton of advertising and within the first hour of opening made $6,000 and have been nowhere near that ever since. 

Base your online job decisions on things that ae sustainable, provide real world value, and can generate you income for years to come.  Learn skills, like web design, marketing, search engine optimization.  Things that will help you in the future, not on the latest program everyone is raving about but noone can prove they’ve made anything from.

eBookitis is a serious internet marketing disease.  Its a sickness where you constantly strive to read the latest and greatest eBook looking for the one secret you’ve missed all these years.

You won’t find it, ever.  You need to put these ideas to work and to work for you as soon as possible.

Prove Me Wrong!  Write me an email and say Justin…You’re wrong I read your article and got off my butt and put everything together overnight and for the last year I’ve made consistent money on damn near auto-pilot.

Then you can be the subject of next years article called – Online-Jobs.Org Justin found an overnight success story!



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