Need an idea for a website?

So you’re stuck.  No ideas flowing, complete webmaster block.  Can’t write anything, no designs and just losing your mind trying to think of that next idea to make you some money.

We’ve all been there, heck I’m probably right where you are atleast once a week.  I just lose it, all of it.  It’s a sad realization that I have way too many ideas and they can all get mashed together and suddenly my call of action is internally shut off and I sit and stare at the computer screen doing absolutely nothing.  My wife is notorious for walking into my office at this exact moment to yell at me for not spending the time with her if I’m not working which is even more detrimental to my case of nothingness.

But maybe you’re not at that point and you just overall need an idea on what you’re going to do next.  Whether you want to sell a real life product and have it dropshipped, or you’re going to house them in your bedroom closet and mail them to people or you just want a new idea for a brand new website to add to your ever growing portfolio.

In 2002, yes I know ages ago in internet time.  I came across the easiest way of finding that one or two ideas that will make you money.  In that year I made over $60,000 using this method.  Subsequently I also blew through all that money being a young adult in less than a year so don’t do that part as its not a recommended portion of this method.

So here it is, the moment I reveal to you something so simple its outrageous that it made me a dime never mind that amount of money.

I went to eBay.  What?!!  Yep thats it right there.  I went to eBay more specifically this Category here: Businesses For Sale

I went right there, sorted the list by Price: High To Low.

Now when you sort it that way you are going to be bombarded with listings full of absolute garbage that people are trying to sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Skip right over those and find the highest priced ones that people have actually bid on and try and make sure its over one bid.

Now click on that auction, find out exactly what the website is about and what it does.  If its selling a product immediately try and figure out where you can get that same product and how much you can get it for and then see how much its selling for on that auctions website and see if you can make a profit and then go for it.

If its an actual website that isn’t selling anything but has some sort of feature that users are absolutely drooling over see if there is a script out there that does the same thing for cheaper or for nothing at all.  Try and the like to see if anything is available.  Then you can make a website just like it as competition.

Here is the absolute best part of this method.  Bookmark that auction right now, and start your new website right now.  Now if things go wrong, and it just doesn’t pan out and the website isn’t successful or isn’t as successful as you had hoped it would be.  List yours for sale on eBay in the same category.

Make note in the subtitle that “Similar website sold on eBay last month for $14,000” or however much it sold for.  Not only will you get the attention of the average browser you may find a couple of losing bidders from the past auction who still want that website and will bid on yours to get a clone of it.

Please also note to do your homework.  My 2002 grand victory was probably a fluke beyond flukes but it worked nonetheless and I ran profitable businesses the entire year and sold them all off in December for a good chunk of cash as well but I did my homework on the industries they were in and all were actual real life products that had high demand throughout the year.  I sold them right before the Holidays and I’m sure the users who bought them made a boatload of cash that holiday season.

And yes, for the record I had forgotten about this method until I was just talking to my wife about how much I used to make on the computer.  I’m actually going to eBay right now, and she’s pissed that I’m telling you guys about this method when I ‘should’ve made an eBook or something’ out of it.  Ha.  Enjoy and let me know how it works out for you guys.



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