Make Money from Other Peoples eBay Auctions

eBay has long been a staple of online financial freedom for the few and proud who have carved themselves such a niche in the auction marketplace to withstand all competition at any level and become the top of the top on eBay – The Powerseller.

Let’s face it, unless a great supplier just falls into your lap which 99% of the time won’t happen ever.  You will not be a powerseller.   Sorry to have to break that news to you.

However there is another way to make a boatload of cash through eBay by never selling a single thing.

It is called the eBay Partner Network.  It is eBay’s affiliate program in which you get paid hefty commissions on your visitors activities.

Should a visitor click on your eBay link or Banner and not be a current eBay user, you will get paid $25 USD if they sign up within 30 days of clicking your link.  $25 in your pocket for each new eBay user, thats insane!  On top of that you get a 50% commission on all eBay fees on the auctions that your visitors win.

So if a new user signs up and gets you $25 then they win an auction or two you’re easily up to $30 for that one visitor.  Now how many times could you do that in a month?  Amazing right?

Let this sink in and I know you can make a decent income each and every month leveraging the power of eBay to your visitors.

Take a look around their site at eBay Partner Network


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