Choosing the right career path

There are many different roads you can take towards working on the internet and no I’m not going to quote Robert Frost here.  Though this is a very important choice that you must make.

I’ll go over a few of the choices available in a broad sense after the jump.

  • Your Own Website / Product

Here, you will purchase a domain name relating to your niche / product, also purchase hosting and build your website as a form of making income.  The domain and hosting can both be purchased for under $20.

  • Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is using different methods such as Pay-Per-Click advertising, Article Marketing, in order to promote someone elses product and earn a hefty commission for each sale generated through your efforts.

  • Network Marketing

Also called Multi-level-Marketing or MLM.  Here you join a company and build a downline of other network marketers in hopes to generate affiliate sales and a productive downline to generate residual income off of working just once.  This can be a tough job for alot of people, some call it a scam.  Though some execute this with huge success and swear by it.

  • Real Online Job

Not that any of the above listed are ‘fake’ jobs, but you’ll consistently see me refer to ‘Real Online Jobs’ that are offered by companies that will enforce hours worked, showing up on time, etc.  As opposed to the above options which you work at your complete leisure and only work at the times that are convienant for you.

There are other options out there such as filling out surveys, paid-to-click and paid-to-read email sites though none of those are usually steady income or even income that could supplement enough to make them worth doing.  From my personal experience when I was starting out, it was difficult if not impossible to maintain even minimum wage doing surveys, ptc, and ptr programs and I’d rather not make less than someone just starting out in the working world.

Also keep in mind, that the choice you make today for your online career path, isn’t the choice you have to stick with and alot of us who work online do some or all of the above paths I’ve listed.  Multiple streams of income is the one constant we’ll discuss at Online-Jobs.Org.

So choose a path today, lets move forward with it and then lets come back to this article and rethink our next path that we’ll be taking.


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