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Yes, its kind of like Monopoly – Virtual Real Estate

Now who doesn’t remember playing Monopoly?  That great board game where you roll the dice, buy property and charge people rent when they land on it.  This was my favorite game ever when I was growing up and I still play it on my computer today and hunt down the Monopoly Slot Machines when I’m

Need an idea for a website?

So you’re stuck.  No ideas flowing, complete webmaster block.  Can’t write anything, no designs and just losing your mind trying to think of that next idea to make you some money. We’ve all been there, heck I’m probably right where you are atleast once a week.  I just lose it, all of it.  It’s a

The Myspace Debacle

In your travels you may come across some eBooks / Courses designed to help you ‘Cash in on Myspace’ and nothing at all could be any further from the truth than the idea of making money on myspace, through advertising to people from one account to another. Was there a day when this was all

Why is it called Bum Marketing?

If you’ve been around internet marketing for any period of time over 2 weeks you have most likely heard the phrase ‘Bum Marketing’ which usually heavily relies on article writing and submission. It’s called Bum Marketing because it costs you nothing but time.  While time is money, no out of pocket expense occurs.  However Bum

No Overnight Success Story

If you happened to stumble across Online-Jobs.Org than you’ve most likely heard a ton of so-called ‘Overnight Success’ stories on the internet.  The ‘I made $6,000 in 60 minutes’ or ‘I’m a millionaire in 2 weeks’ and I’m sure heaps of other garbage stories. I’ll be completely honest with you.  There is no overnight success

Make Money from Other Peoples eBay Auctions

eBay has long been a staple of online financial freedom for the few and proud who have carved themselves such a niche in the auction marketplace to withstand all competition at any level and become the top of the top on eBay – The Powerseller. Let’s face it, unless a great supplier just falls into

Cash in on Todays Top Stories

There’s always something, every single day that makes people rush to their computers type in Google.Com and search!  It could be something they’ve been meaning to look up for weeks or it could be something they just heard on the news or radio. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to ride the wave of

Using other peoples work to cash in

In a market that has been mainly text for many years, and will for the most part stay that way for the forseeable future it might seem absurd that you could cash in using other peoples work.  Since in real life you’d most likely be arrested for plagarism. Yet, on the internet there are specific

Choosing the right career path

There are many different roads you can take towards working on the internet and no I’m not going to quote Robert Frost here.  Though this is a very important choice that you must make. I’ll go over a few of the choices available in a broad sense after the jump.

Selecting your perfect niche Part 1

One of the first steps you have to take in order to proceed taking a serious dive into working for yourself is selecting your perfect niche.  Alot of internet webmasters, entreprenuers, sales people or whatever they would like to be called this week get cold shivers just thinking about a niche to choose to dominate.