Cash in on Todays Top Stories

There’s always something, every single day that makes people rush to their computers type in Google.Com and search!  It could be something they’ve been meaning to look up for weeks or it could be something they just heard on the news or radio.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to ride the wave of breaking news?  If there were some way to look at a constantly updating list of items that people were searching for right now?

Well look no further than our best friend in this industry.  Google.  More specifically Google Trends.

Google Trends is exactly what you want, if you’re a quickfire type of internet worker.  Updated every 60 minutes, with a list of the Top 100 search queries that people are searching for right now.

You can locate this all powerful tool at – Google Hot Trends  From the main list you are able to select any of the top items and see hot popular it is with descriptive turns as Fire or Volcano and also when its ‘peak’ was.  Which is the top number of searches occured like Right Now, 1 hour ago, 2 hours ago, etc.

It also provides another useful bit of information showing you where the queries are coming from, giving you a general sense if it is just a local story affecting only portions of the country or a wide range story happening across the US or even World.

Now here comes the actual ‘working’ part, as looking over a list is fairly simple.

If you’ve read my previous articles, you’ll know by now that I always suggest using free blogs courtesy of Google for a ton of different things as well as your own hosted blogs using a variety of software.  For this particular operation, I’m going to stick with a Blogger blog,  because they are easy to setup and get going and Google allows you a pretty much limit less amount of different blogs under the same account.

You can choose a news related blog and post a ton of different stories every day or every hour in order to garner a ton of traffic to one particular blog or use a different one for every story.  I suggest using just one, unless its a huge story thats going to hang around for the long haul of a month or so.

So here’s the ‘meat’ of this fairly easy technique.  Set up your one news blog, put your ads on it which I’ll will discuss in a later article but if you’re willing to try this technique you most likely already have an ad company you are working with and start to searching, rewriting and posting.

huh what?  Yes, we’re not exactly writing original content in this area.  You goto Google Trends, find the story.  Immediately research Google for articles relating to the story, skim through them find the main points of focus and facts to support the story and then write a new article using what you’ve just learned.

Once done, post to your blog rinse and repeat and wait for the traffic.  With breaking news stories, the search engines are pretty much on the look out for as much information relating to them as possible because their users are requesting information in such a short period of time and with Google running Blogger you are almost guaranteed a pretty good shot at cashing in on todays top stories.


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