Become the source

There will always be tools that internet marketers need to do their jobs correctly and more efficiently and surprisingly these tools can turn out to be fairly easy to create.  But hey a marketer is simply that and has no intention on making the tools they use and so they will pay out the nose in order to get them.

Whether it’s a content management system, search engine submission, article spinner, membership system, template or whatever other option you can think of.  Someone needs it and is willing to pay you to do it.

But how can this be done?  Listen, it’s tough.  But not really.  When Myspace was taking off, I taught myself how to program in php within weeks and quickly sold full rights to a Myspace layouts script for over $5,000 and have since sold php scripts to people in total for high 5 figures.  While 5 figures isn’t exactly mansion living it was certainly worth it to concentrate for a few weeks on programming and being able to create these programs.

And with tools such as and Google being able to troubleshoot your programs and learning how to develop is easier now than ever and let me be perfectly clear you won’t be the best programmer and almost certainly couldn’t get a job with a programming firm as your code is likely to be sloppy but it will be functional and with functionality comes the ability to sell it.  Coders code, consumers don’t.  They only want it to work and aren’t necessarily concerned with how you do it as long as you do.

This type of work isn’t for everyone but if you’ve got the time to concentrate this could quickly become your second source of income!


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